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A digital collection of community research and photo archives celebrating the Central Coast's most pro-choice allies, including Women's March, Planned Parenthood, Generation Action, and Diversity Collective.


"Knowledge is pro-choice."

The purpose of the Central Coast Pro-Choice Coalition is simple: to be the best source of localized pro-choice knowledge for the entire Central Coast. Our community research isn't a rehash of what you'd find on Wikipedia, but instead tailored to the needs of pro-choice advocates in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties.

What does CCPCC provide?

We offer multiple Pro-Choice Toolkits that empower advocates with insights ranging from locally trusted abortion providers to crisis pregnancy centers to LGBT-friendly therapists, as well as the community research strategies behind these localized insights. We also maintain Photo Archives of events by our pro-choice allies.

What makes CCPCC different?

CCPCC was borne from a realization that while pro-choice groups like Planned Parenthood are vital, their political constraints and "safe" branding prevent them from expanding into more sensitive areas, such as exposing crisis pregnancy centers or anti-choice groups. Thus, our strength lies in independence: We can research these issues without suffering the kind of backlash that groups like Planned Parenthood would.


What inspired CCPCC's mission?

CCPCC has roots in "Task Force Victoria", an informal network of Planned Parenthood allies who share intelligence with each other weekly about anti-choice groups we know are operating in the Central Coast, targeting vulnerable communities. Thus, we formed CCPCC as a platform to publish open-source intelligence on these groups. Our motto: "Empowerment through knowledge isn't just pro-choice. It's a human right."


Who are YOUR pro-choice allies?

Below are organizations in the Central Coast that advocate for reproductive choice. While all of them operate independently of each other and hold independent views, all are working toward a future that supports choice and women's rights. If you'd like to collaborate with CCPCC on community research you feel would benefit the region, email our address at the bottom.

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